What You Can Learn By Watching “American Pickers”

Cable television and streaming services brings you this fun show called, "American Pickers." It is about two guys in a cargo van, cruising around the country looking for people who have hoarded junk on their properties. They buy the junk, turn it into restored treasure, and sell it for a profit. How does this relate to transmission parts for sale, or any car parts for that matter? A lot, actually, because it teaches you the finer points of finding parts for cheap. Here is what you can learn by watching this show.

The Parts Are out There--If You Look for Them

These guys really know how to hunt for stuff, and they do not give up. That is the first thing you can learn from the show. Go on your own treasure hunt for car parts of all kinds, and someone somewhere will have them in a heap in a pile of salvage or in boxes in a giant warehouse. Leave no stone unturned and no lead uninvestigated. Ask everyone you meet for another lead, and it may eventually lead you to transmission parts, wheels, starters, and whatever else you need for pennies on the dollar. They may also send you to a professional parts store, such as Wholesale Transmission Parts.

Definitely Ask Car Enthusiasts

The guys in this show always ask car enthusiasts and collectors where the next collector lives. If the collector or car enthusiast knows, that is another lead you can follow for car parts. If you want to do things the lazy way, you can also attend local car collector shows and ask everyone on the street to see who has some extra parts for sale and who might be willing to trade for what you have or what you want to sell.

Make the Effort to Get the Parts

When the guys from the show "go picking," they are not afraid to get dirty, climb over rusted vehicles and crawl through mounds of salvage to find a "pearl." If you see a ton of cars on a property and it looks like a mess, do not pass it up. There may be a "pearl," a "diamond," or even "gold" in that mess, but you may have to be the one to dig it out. A little sweat and a little effort may just give you the missing transmission part you are desperate to get to restore your Shelby or your DeLorean. Also, always get permission to go digging through stuff on someone's property, or you could get arrested (or worse).