Stop Letting Your Old Clunker Sit ~ Junk Your Car For These Amazing Environmental Benefits

Do you have an old vehicle that does not work? If so, you may think of it as an eyesore and do not know what to do with it. You may also have had initial plans to get the vehicle mechanically fixed but never did. When vehicles are not used for extended periods of time, it is possible for them to have more parts fail mechanically. However, this does not render them useless. The following points will help you understand how recycling your vehicle, which is sometimes referred to as getting cash for cars, is ideal for the environment.


Most vehicles are made of various types of metal. This includes portions of the vehicles besides the body of them. Metal can be recycled and used for other metal products. The exterior of vehicles are excellent sources of scrap metal and could net a decent payout for you.


Some people make the mistake of thinking that flat or damaged tires cannot be reused. They make the mistake of throwing their tires into the trash, but this practice leads to rubber waste in landfills. It is a serious concern because tires are not biodegradable. This means that it the solid waste can remain in landfills for many years. Recycled rubber can be used to make many new rubber products. 

Oil Filters

You likely never considered that your oil filter which is a simple auto part could be recycled. However, oil filters contain steel. This is a metal that can be recycled and minimize the new production of steel, which is used to construct buildings and some exterior portions of vehicles.


If the battery in your old car does not work, it is wise to leave it inside at the time of the sale. This is because batteries contain toxic substances and need to be recycled rather than thrown away. If you try to throw away old batteries, there is a chance that the toxic lead found in them can leach into soil and water, which could cause serious safety issues for individuals in the area. 


Any glass that is intact can be extracted and possibly used as replacement glass. However, recycling glass for new products is a common practice that is utilized by recyclers. 

A recycler that has a program that offers cash for cars is a good resource to use to understand additional environmental benefits of recycling your vehicle. For example, some of these companies salvage parts that are still in working condition and sell them as used parts. For more information, contact companies like City Auto Wreckers.