Is Your Ugly Old Car On It’s Last Run? What To Do To Restore It Before You Junk It

If you have been thinking of scrapping your old car that doesn't look as nice as you want, or that doesn't run fantastic, there are some things you want to do before you end up putting it to rest. You can save yourself the money of buying a new car, or put some extra money in your pocket if you get rid of the vehicle properly, or if you fix it up on a dime. Here are some things to consider doing with your old clunker.

Wander Through a Junk Yard

If your vehicle is a popular model and make, and there are a lot of the models sitting at a junk yard, you could give your car a makeover at a low cost. You may be able to get new body parts, internal parts, and even mechanical parts for a very affordable price, restoring some of the appearance and the value of the vehicle, and allowing you to get more time out of the automobile. Call around to a couple junk yards in your area to see how many used auto parts are available for your vehicle.

Shop Used Classified Parts

Shop the online used auto part classified ads, and try to get the parts for as low as of a price as the seller will take. This could save you hundreds of dollars, and if you can do some of the work on your own when the parts come in, this will save you even more money. You can even list that you are looking for parts on the site, and you can see what parts come in.

Sell Main Items

Some people don't know the value of what is under the hood in their vehicle, and what their vehicle is worth. Find out what people will pay for the transmission, motor, and the catalytic converter, and then take it to a scrap yard to find out what the metal body is worth. If you have gotten new tires on the vehicle, these could even be sold.

If you worry that your vehicle is too ugly or running poorly and shouldn't be on the streets anymore, you want to find out if you can get a few more years out of it by improving the minor things that bother you. If not, be sure that you can get every penny possible out of the vehicle before you let it go.