A Quick Guide to Three Common Types of Garage Door Openers

If you have spent entirely too much time repairing different issues with garage doors recently and every time you turn around another problem pops up, it might be time to get a new garage door. Since it may have been a while since you were shopping for that important device, you might be surprised to discover that there are many types of garage door openers. Before you commit to a purchase, it's a good idea to consider the information about three of the more common types of garage door openers discussed below. Read More 

The Best Car Restoration Practices To Keep An Antique As Original As Possible

When it comes to antique cars, keeping it original is important when doing restorations. There are some parts that may need to be replaced, and there are others that can be rebuilt or restored to their original glory. The smallest details like relining brake shoes make a big difference in the value of antique cars. Here are some tips for the best practices to keep your classic as original as possible when you do restorations: Read More 

What You Can Learn By Watching “American Pickers”

Cable television and streaming services brings you this fun show called, "American Pickers." It is about two guys in a cargo van, cruising around the country looking for people who have hoarded junk on their properties. They buy the junk, turn it into restored treasure, and sell it for a profit. How does this relate to transmission parts for sale, or any car parts for that matter? A lot, actually, because it teaches you the finer points of finding parts for cheap. Read More 

3 Tips for Fueling Your Race Car

If you need to keep your race car up to par, one of the biggest forms of maintenance is to use high quality gasoline. You will need to find the help of a company that can provide you with any type of racing fuel that you need. With this in mind, you should read on and learn as much as you can about buying racing fuel and keeping your tank filled properly and regularly. Read More 

Find The Parts You Need for a Price You Want - Tips for Navigating a Salvage Yard

If your vehicle has an unexpected issue, it can be stressful to come up with the necessary funds to stay safely on the road. This is especially true with older vehicles, as the cost of a part can be compounded by the length of time it may take for a replacement to be located and shipped. In many cases, however, the replacement you need is right under your nose at your local salvage yard. Read More